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Gitlab password reset using MYSQL

i am in the process to evaluate Gitlab. i had not only lost the admin password but the email was also configured on the VM. hence the only way to login for me was to reset it in MYSQL. Steps 1) bCrypt your new Password: http://bcrypthashgenerator.apphb.com/ 2) Login into MYSQL and update the password for the […]

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YUM Proxy

/etc/yum.conf # The proxy server – proxy server:port number proxy=http://mycache.mydomain.com:3128 # The account details for yum connections proxy_username=yum-user proxy_password=qwerty

WordPress absolute urls are now working (css/images)

This happend to me today, i have setup a fresh centos server with wordpress installed, and i think i rushed through the setup and didnt assign proper hostname to wordpress, which means when accessing from web it was failing to get css/images from 192.168.2.xxx which obviously is a local ip. Using ssh i logged into the mysql […]

URI Naming conventions and best practices

I was doing a little research on what are the industry best practices for designing URI for both Html and Non-Html content, that are both User and SEO friendly. i found the following documents on the best practices and how major government sites are doing it. i specifically like the one by gov.uk http://data.gov.uk/resources/uris http://www.seomoz.org/blog/11-best-practices-for-urls […]

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Spring 3.1 & JBoss 7.1 Serving static content

Although the static content should be served by the Webserver i will make another post for that, but during development for local testing purposes you might want to serve Static content from the Application server, Spring provides several options to achieve this, i am sharing one such option that i use most of the time. Make sure […]

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How to fix “java.net.SocketException: Protocol family unavailable”

While working on a Spring MVC based web application for Jennet-IP network control, i came across the following exception. java.net.SocketException: Protocol family unavailable The cause of this exception is that the targeted system i am connecting to is IPV6 based and i am coming from a IPV4 stack, and my JVM falls to IPV4 by […]

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After update Android ADT Plugin says SDK path not set in preferences

To my surprise eclipse (indigo) today prompted me with a error message saying something like “Android SDK is not set in preferences”, but it was working before until i updated to version r17 recently. It was fixed by updating the AFT Plugin to the latest version (Version 18 at the moment) by going to window […]

Android Development: Make your application backward compatible

Android SDK versions market share keeps changing dramtically over a period of few months because of frequent releases of both newer SDK versions and capabilities and sales of the newer devices which makes my Desire HD2 with Analog buttons at the bottom look like a Antique (According to google anyways). For Android developers it is […]

ATG Content Administration: Switch datasources for indexing.

If you need to temporarily switch datasources for indexing in situations where for example you might have bigger dataset on DS A and a larger dataset on DS B, then you achieve this via dyn/admin on the same CA instance from where you want to index. http://<host>:<port>/dyn/admin/atg/commerce/admin/en/catalog/PrepareToSwitchProductCatalog.jhtml

Openfire XMPP Admin password recovery

I tried to login today after a long time into my XMPP Server via admin console and to my surprise none of the passwords i normally use worked, hence the conlusion: “I forgot the password”. In order to change the password for the admin user i logged into the database and manually changed the Column […]

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